Darker Illustrations

This is the place for darker themed artwork. Things that reside here come from strange places no doubt, featuring creatures and characters inspired by science fiction and fantasy — art with a more mature theme.  

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  • Dark Bone Protector
  • Alien Pharaoh
  • Odin with Familiars
  • Tortoise King
  • Cyber Angel with Robot Cat
  • Green Magic Sceptre Red Hair
  • Alien Priest Headdress
  • Veteran Knight
  • Psychic Words
  • Female Exosuit
  • Merging with Machine (Cyborg)
  • Scythe Girl (Not So Grim)
  • Sorcerer
  • Suncrown Princess
  • Dark Forest Spirit
  • Feline Shaman
  • Technological Mage
  • Warrior with Coyote
  • Obsidian Blades
  • Cave Monster