About Raventoad Illustration

'Greetings, I am Raventoad, a mythical creature borne of toad and raven. My wings and magnificent face are proof of this and my monocle is a testimony to all the books that I have read. A truly wise being I am! Oh, you wanted to know about the one who created me? Very well . . .'

Phil Ives is the mind behind Raventoad Illustration. He completed his Masters degree in Fine Art at Aberystwyth University where he focused on illustration and painting digitally. Since then he has worked as a freelance digital illustrator in Staffordshire, England and has brought this skill to pupils in a primary school where he has enjoyed teaching.

Phil likes to design characters and explore imaginary environments with fantasy and science fiction based themes; whether it is art intended for a client or for himself, he always puts in the extra mile. To bring fiction to life is his goal, and what better way to spend time than with a talking animal or a cyborg? While certainly having an appreciation for dark and moody images, Phil is fond of variation and always seeks to bring about a balance and harmony to his illustrations. He is fascinated with abstract art and liberating styles as well as Surrealism and highly detailed work, other influences include: dreams, books, films, computer games, nature, any messy object(s) and the Games Workshop Warhammer universe. In his spare time he loves music and playing the guitar, and when he is not pushing his body to the limits he enjoys working on his children’s fantasy novel.

‘There is inspiration waiting in the most unlikely of things.’  Phil Ives