Wire Sculpture

When working with wire, line becomes a three-dimensional object. These sculptures experiment with this interactive line and focus on form and dynamics. Surface texture and lighting play a strong role while the action of twisting and curling wire adds an enjoyable physicality to creation. Skin is definitely no match for sharp wire edges and this element of danger reminds us of corporeal surrender, feelings and expression often shielded against when working with other mediums. Like some of my other work, these began with no idea in mind, they are spontaneous forms that develop and grow into something possibly recognisable through human movement and feeling rather than thought.

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  • Dragon
  • Dancer
  • Crawl
  • Dive
  • Flowing Form
  • Jellyfish
  • High Heels Star Traveller
  • Snake Fairy Wings (facing)
  • Snake Fairy Wings (side)